ioGuard Drive FAQ.
What is NGD extension file?
NGD(New Guard Data) Volume Raw Data File
[General] What is ioGuard Drive?
> ioGurad Drive is portable security software for USB drive & External HDD's data encryption.
[OS] Compatible operating system?
> Windows XP/7/8.1/10 32/64bit platform
[Feature] How many volume drive can be created?
> Unlimited
[Feature] What is Min-Max Volume size?
> Trial version : Min 100MB, Max 500MB
> Pro Version : Min 100MB, Max Unlimited
[Feature] How to Password recovery?
> You have 5 time retry chance.
> Not supported default password reset and master key.
[Feature] Support Filesystem format
> FAT/FAT32/NTFS, FAT32 limited file size 4GB
[Feature] How to upgrade software?
> Just replace 'ioguard.exe'
License Policy?
> ioGuard can use for only one registed volume.
> 1 license can use 3 times.
> 1 license can use n times for each other volume.
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